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This site is dedicated to the hard work and dedication of our incredible employees, providing you direct access to reviews from the clients that have helped our business grow and the members of the Chetu family that have helped turn our little startup into a world-class home.

Founded over 24 years ago in a small 180-square-foot room in Miami Lakes, Florida, Chetu began with one employee, our founder, pounding away on a keyboard, preparing the first line of code in what would become a long history of providing world-class solutions and customer service for our clients.

Since our founding, Chetu has developed an impressive array of clientele which now numbers over 7,000 satisfied customers in over 40 distinct industries around the globe. In fact, our customers are so happy that each year 47% of our growth comes directly from our existing clients eager for more cutting-edge solutions. We are proud to say that we have quite a few customers that have been working with our company on a continual basis for the past 10 years, which becomes all the more impressive when you consider that we never bind them with time-locked contracts and only work with them “at will.”
We have been included on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies seven times with entirely 100% organic growth. We have never borrowed money or had external investors and grew only because our customers wanted us to continue to serve them while also referring us to their partners and friends.

It is important to note, however, that we cannot have happy customers without a happy team. And so here we all are. Since our founding in that little office, we have now grown to a team of over 2,800, occupying more than 150,000 square feet of office space in 13 locations on three continents. There are about 200 of us in the US, 50 of us in Europe, and over 1,950 of us in India. While we certainly work hard, we frequently come together to enjoy a little R&R as any happy family should. Sports, cultural activities, themed workdays, office challenges, and charitable giving are all a part of the culture we share and build here at Chetu.

While some employees have come and gone these past 24 years, most of us stuck around, with more than 15 of us have been here for more than 10 years and over 250 of us with more than 5 years of being a part of the Chetu family

Core to us is our culture. We love it. We work hard with the sole intent of providing the best service to our clients, that pay us their hard-earned money so we can pay for our daily bread. We reciprocate by building world-class software for them that allows their businesses to continue to flourish.

Since day one, our core values have been built on ethics, respect, honesty, and integrity. These have been the steadfast guiding light for each of our decision-makers. Having such core values actually makes the life of our decision-makers remarkably simple. They do not have to run up the chain of command on how best to address an issue, as they know that the answer will always be on the side of honesty and integrity.

Our Credo was authored over 24 years ago, and yet it still rings true to our values and culture to this day. The values of “whatever it takes” and “good enough never is” flow through our veins and have become a part of our daily lives. Many of our values are borrowed from a book called Built to Last. If you like reading, check it out, as that will tell you a lot about our culture and why we too, are “built to last.”

We would like to thank all our customers that have helped us grow over the years and all of the team members that allow us to succeed every day.

We thank you for spending time in getting to know more about us and hope you enjoy seeing Chetu through our eyes.

To a bright and engaging future,